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Register appellation of origin of star aniseed

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Date: 16:56:34 15-08-2016 | 123 viewed


Over many years, planting Star aniseed was identified as a key economic and long-term strategy of Lang Son. In forest areas with more than 32,000 ha, It forms areas of concentrated production and become a source of major export commodities of Lang Son province, but the star aniseed In Lang Son is "brand" in particular. In fact, the unrest price makes it difficult for farmers because there is no stable Star aniseed market. Therefore, to facilitate forest product commodities are involved in the domestic market integration and international markets as well as help to protect both producers and consumers, need to develop and register protection of Appellations of origin for the Lang Son star aniseed

Department of Science and Technology Committee and the Lang Son People’s Committee is tasked to directly implement the development and registration of appellation of origin protection for the evaporation of Lang Son. To complete this task, the Department of Science and Technology of Lang Son is supported professional by the Intellectual Property Department. The Department also advises the province to establish the project management "Establishment and registration of copyright protection for Geographical Indications for the Lang Son star anise."

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