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Star Anise, supply down and price up (September 2016)

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Date: 18:03:18 29-09-2016 | 123 viewed


As you may know, Vietnam star anise, especially from the border mountainous areas, has the very best quality among its kinds thanks to its high oil content and strong aroma. Here in Vietnam, it is the main supply for Chinese and Indian dealers, who will buy up and sell over to worldwide markets as USA, Europe, Middle East, and some Asian countries. Many of our clients turned out very surprised when being told that Vietnam is home to star anise.

For this year, now is nearly the end of star anise's autumn season in Vietnam; however, due to the affection of leaf disease, this crop produces much less than the same time last year. The situation is the same or even worse in China; therefore, many dealers from China rush to Vietnam to collect all the fresh products, which pushes the price even higher. At its peak, the price even triples that of previous year. 

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